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With a summit elevation of 6,962 meters (22,838 ft) above sea level, the “Roof of the Americas” is the highest mountain outside the Himalayas, a mountain that awakens your deepest passion and invites you to make your dreams come true.

We want to offer you a full itinerary. We’ll begin the tour by spending several nights in the village of Las Cuevas in order to adapt our body progressively to the mountain altitude. We’ll be staying at a comfortable shelter located in this beautiful high mountain village at 3,300 meters (10,827 ft.) above sea level.

For this trip, we propose the 360° route. We’ll start at Valle de las Vacas and leave through Valle de Horcones. This path will allow you to see every corner of the Aconcagua Provincial Park.

Our main goal is to provide you with a personalized, safe and humanized experience. We know that the climb to Aconcagua can be really long and demanding, so we’ll always prioritise your well-being over the money.

Take part of this incredible adventure and enjoy a mountaneer-level experience at the most iconic plase in the Andes!



Techinical climbing skills are not required for the 360° route (or “normal” route) to the top of Aconcagua. You will need experience walking with crampons and using an ice axe, but that’s all. However, since Aconcagua has a high altitude and extremely cold temperatures, the climb is highly challenging even for the most experienced mountaineers. Due to the summit being close to 7,000 meters above sea level, people attempting the climb have to spend extended periods camping in difficult conditions at high altitude. Certainly, this experience can be both mentally and physically exhausting.

Nevertheless, climbing Aconcagua via the Normal Route is very achievable for those who have an enthusiastic attitude, are well-trained, and are mentally prepared for the rigors that come with high altitude trekking.


We’ll use the best high mountain tents available in the market to guarantee that you stay warm, dry and comfortable during the climb to Aconcagua. Please note that even though the tents have a capacity for 3 people, we’ll allow only 2 trekkers per tent. That way, you will have more room for a more comfortable experience.


Eating well and maintaining a healthy appetite is essential if you want to succeed in the mountains, so we make sure that our trekkers are provided with an excellent nutrition. Prior to the climb, the guides will prepare the meals for the approach and altitude trekking, looking to achieve a fair balance between tastiness, the weight of the food and its nutritional value.

Also, we are fully aware that proper hydration is completely necessary if you want to go on a high mountain trip. Consequently, we’ll always highlight the importance of being well-hydrated. Keep in mind that, during the whole trip to the base camp, we will have plenty of water available, so you won’t need to carry too much water at the beginning of the climb. Once we’re there, you will be able to drink pure water from the camps. At the high altitude camps, we’ll drink melt water from the slopes and in some occasions, such as when we’re at “Campamento Cólera” we’ll need to melt snow in order to get water.


During the climb, it is highly recommended that you hire porters, whose services are offered in the park. By hiring a porter, your chances of reaching the summit increase by a high percentage. Each porter carries up to 20 kilos (44 pounds) from base camp to the high altitude camps, and from the high altitude camps down to the base camp.

Our tours include 1 porter for every 4 climbers with expedition equipment. Each porter carries 20 kilos of the group's common luggage (tents, heaters, fuel, food). However, this service is included ONLY for the climb from one camp to the next. Porters are not included if you need to climb to leave luggage and then return to spend the night at the starting point.

These are the APPROXIMATE rates for personal porter services. Keep in mind that these may vary depending on the season.

20kg - USD 190 - Camp 1

20kg - USD 230 - Camp 3 (Guanacos)

20kg - USD 290 - Camp Cólera

20kg - USD 270 - Descent from Cólera Camp to Plaza de Mula Base Camp

Important: Keep in mind that you can share your portage in case you don't need to use the full 20 kg.


The cost of the permits are usually defined by the Aconcagua Park a couple of weeks before the beginning of the season. The prices vary according to the climb route, the date of the trip (high or low season) and the nationality of the climbers (Argentinians and Latin Americans can get a discount).

You can also check the pricing list on the Park's official website.


The trip begins in Valle de Las Cuevas, a town near the border crossing where we’ll be spending two days at a comfortable refuge (click here to see refuge). Here, we’ll start with the adaptation process.

On the second day, we’ll climb a hill in the area called “Mirador del Tolosa”. Then, during the following three days, we’ll enter the Aconcagua Provincial Park through “Valle de las Vacas” to the Plaza Argentina Base Camp from where we will able to admire the east side of Aconcagua.

After the previous preparation, we will begin the climb via part of “Ruta de los Polacos” to Camp 1. After that, we’ll make a trip through the portezuelo of Cerro Ameghino and we will continue ascending to Camp 3 of Guanacos, crossing the north side of Aconcagua.

From there, we will climb to Camp Cólera, through the upper part of the route of Valle de Guanacos, and finally we will reach the summit through the last stretch of the Normal Route. The descent along the Normal Route will take us to Plaza de Mulas, the largest Base Camp in Aconcagua Park, from where we will contemplate the extraordinary west view of the mountain. The next day we will continue descending towards the Laguna de los Horcones from where we will be able to observe the south face of Aconcagua and its glaciers. Thus, at the end of the expedition you will have gone though a 360° experience, contemplating and touring the different faces of Aconcagua.

Important reminder: Days 16 and 17 will be extra days for us to try to reach the summit, in case really bad weather is encountered during the previous days. Therefore, these 2 extra days serve as "back-up" to increase our chances of reaching the summit. As you can see, we will make our best efforts for you to have an unforgettable experience!

(You can see the day-by-day schedule below.)


We offer you a super-personalized service. The guides at Arcos Expeditions always aim to create a closer bound with our clients. By choosing us, you’ll get a tailor-made service. We never exceed 6 trekkers per tour, so you will have direct contact with us before the trip. Therefore, we’ll be able to cover the needs of each hikers, such as special diets, specific needs regarding equipment, etc.

Also, keep in mind that having such a small ratio between climbers (3) and guide (1) increases your chances of making it to the summit. Working with small groups gives us more freedom to modify the itinerary, maintain an adequate pace, and be more aware of our trekkers’ general and medical needs.



6962 masl



High Level



High mountain



Medium Level



4,560 meters



82 km



17 Days



Mendoza, ARG


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