Why choose us?

At Arcos Mountain Expeditions we think about each experience in a personalized way so that the service provided is of excellence. We are dedicated and advise so that you can enjoy your adventure in the best way. In addition, as a main pillar we place emphasis on the safety and human quality of our Guides, who have a high level of professionalism and experience in the mountains, not to mention their passion for the mountains. We promise to accompany you in your dreams. Do you join the adventure?

Who will be my guide?

Our priority is your safety and enjoyment

This is why we are very thorough when selecting our guide staff. We prioritize professional guides who are certified by the E.P.G.A.M.T. (Provincial School of High Mountain and Trekking Guides) / the AAGM association (Argentine Association of Mountain Guides) and/or the UIMLA (Union of International Mountain Leader Associations).

In addition, certifications in first aid (WFR / TEM), Technical Rescue, Group Management, Leadership, etc. are required.

We assure you a high quality experience, where we will always prioritize your safety and integrity.

How do we work on security in each activity?

Your safety is not a coincidence. We know very well. That is why prior to each experience that we propose, there is a great planning work for the guides, where we review the objective dangers of the itinerary, experience and qualities of the group. In addition, we will always maintain ratios according to the number of clients and guides, according to the proposed expedition.

In addition, as guides, we are always attentive to updating ourselves and training ourselves in First Aid, Avalanches, Technical Rescues and issues related to your safety and that of the group. We are clear that the priority is always your safety.

What should I bring to the exit?

ARCOS EXPEDITIONS will provide you with the expedition equipment to carry out any of our activities (except personal items and clothing), that is, tents, kitchen stove and climbing equipment.

Please note that you have to bring your appropriate personal equipment. Before departure, we will send you a complete equipment list, so you can make sure you have everything you need. Also, keep in mind that if you don't have something on the list, you can rent it in Mendoza.

A warm and complete team makes your safety. Always remember to do a check-list before leaving

Am I in physical condition to carry out the activity?

We know this is a great question. Will it be for me? Am I up to this expedition?

To try to respond in the best possible way, each client who is going to join our experiences has contact with our guides, so that they can determine, through a few questions, whether or not the person is up to the expedition.

In addition, each output has a checked technical file, so that you have extra information to help you determine whether or not you can make the expedition. Your questions are always welcome, do not stay with the doubt, ask us before each departure.

What will the Expedition Meals be like?


We know how important nutrition is to your performance on expeditions. This is why we try and access so that the food that we add to our services is abundant, fresh, healthy, varied and nutritious. In addition, we consider the different tastes and we understand that there are those who choose menus with meat, vegetarians, vegans, etc., or who must consume a celiac diet.

Food is essential for an expedition, whether for a day, a couple of days or several days. The 4 meals (Breakfast Lunch or Box Lunch - Snack or Picadas and Dinner) we try to ensure that they are of Quality, Rich and abundant.

Our goal is that each of our clients can feel, be part of the kitchen in the mountains and live this experience. We will decide the menu based on our clients and destination, trying to optimize weight and volume in case it has to be carried on our shoulders or, on the contrary, if we can go by vehicle to the campsite.